Announcement: Global EPIC Soft Landing Programme

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Thursday October 4, 2018 13:24

Announcement: Global EPIC Soft Landing Programme

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Worldwide Support programme Allows Cybersecurity Companies and Entrepreneurs to Explore New Markets

Today, 9 global cybersecurity ecosystems in 5 different countries announced a ‘Soft Landing Programme’. The Global EPIC ‘Soft Landing Programme’ will offer companies and entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to ‘soft land’ for a trial period in the market of one of the Global EPIC ecosystems. It will provide a low risk entry trial to companies and entrepreneurs entering a new international market, accessing the resources they need to more readily tap into commercial opportunities. The Soft Landing Programme, which will be launched in the coming weeks, is operated by the Global Ecosystem of Ecosystems Partnership in Innovation and Cybersecurity (Global EPIC), a worldwide collaboration between security ecosystems to co-create and adopt world-changing solutions to high-impact cybersecurity challenges, both current and emergent. Several other Global EPIC keystones will join the programme later this year.