Carleton Innovates on Cybersecurity at Bayview Yards

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Friday December 22, 2017 13:52

Carleton Innovates on Cybersecurity at Bayview Yards

Posted by Tony Bailetti

Carleton’s Global Cybersecurity Resource (GCR) — a business accelerator and offshoot of the university’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program — moved into Bayview Yards back in January 2017 and is the building’s largest tenant after the economic development agency Invest Ottawa, which has set up its headquarters in the space.

The GCR’s mission is to help grow businesses that operate in the cybersecurity realm, strengthen businesses that use cybersecurity as a differentiator, provide cost-effective cyber safeguards to small businesses, and develop talent to meet emerging demands of cybersecurity and technology entrepreneurship.

Working under the leadership of TIM Director Tony Bailetti and GCR Director Dan Craigen, about 40 Carleton faculty, students and alumni are carrying out innovative cybersecurity initiatives in a large open-concept office on the second floor of Bayview Yards that also serves as a base for several start-up companies.

Carleton’s efforts have led to the pilot deployment of a “canary” device that can detect potential cyber threats, as well as new learning “pathways” on cybersecurity and entrepreneurship, an advanced “topic-modelling” tool, and a new global initiative that brings together international organizations to co-create solutions to cybersecurity challenges.

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