LTW-Exchange marketplace is up and running!

Tuesday February 28, 2017 00:26

LTW-Exchange marketplace is up and running!

Posted by Omid Kazemi Kordestani

A place where start-ups can benefit from each others to build their businesses.

Imagine a sizable market of various products and services. A Global exchange covering four continents (Africa, Europe, North-America and Asia). Businesses buying your product and services as you grow from Start-Up to a mature enterprise. Potentially, your tapping into this market can be powerful for any small business. We know one of the biggest challenges of Start-Ups is buying or selling products or services. LTW-Exchange has now created a marketplace to help solve your needs. Below are some relevant features offered:




  • Pricing – Reach your specific customer base through targeted listings
  • Global Market – Encourage large orders within our node tiered market structure
  • Profile – Tell your story by showing your company’s logo or personal picture
  • Community Trusted Credentials – Differentiate your business or service needs via quality and diverse credentials backed by a network.




Gain a competitive advantage you need to scale. It is a known fact that, more and more businesses want to buy from sellers who hold certain credentials. LTW-Exchange solves this hassle for you. So, join and let us help you grow.